Tuesday, April 11, 2017

interview with a vampire

So let me get this straight: this is your first time working with ceramics.




It’s incredible because what I see here… to me, at least, would seem to take years of practice.

Learning and unlearning.

Yes! Unlearning; it’s amazing how you’ve upended the convention of ceramics, what we think of as ceramics, and really made it into something much more vital, more primitive almost.


Just what I was thinking. Some of these pieces; they evoke an intellectual response, yes, but also an emotional response: tears, laughter, release. Catharsis.

They’re also incense holders.

That’s incredible.

Yeah, I just poked a little hole on top.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process? Is that too personal?

Well I just think, “What could I put in this?” Like this one… this is a work in progress.


Yeah. When it’s done it will be a sarcophagus, and you could put condoms or bobby pins in it.

Form and function.

The yin and the yang.

Who are some of your inspirations?

Michelangelo, Matisse, ummm... Picasso. Also my friend Olivia.


Far out, yeah.